Amber & Paige -Savannah Elopement Photography – Same Sex Elopement

There is something very high risk/high reward about an elopement that butts right up against sunset time. If it is a clear day that leads into a clear evening, you can be wowed by amazing sunset light, perfect golden hour, and thus beautiful elopement photography. If it is cloudy, however, your reward is a darker feel to your wedding day. Paige and Amber were gifted with the perfect golden light of a gorgeous newlywed walk! They rented Pedi Cabs with Royal Bike Taxi To help us get around even faster in the downtown Savannah area!

I loved working with Amber and Paige. These two lovely people were so fun to chat with and be around. They have been together for 5 years, and Paige mused to me later on in the day that their first kiss was the first time they have smooched in front of their parents ever! It was just so much fun to work with these two sweeties, and I would like to wish them many many years of happiness together! Enjoy a sneak peek of their special day!

Officiant: Tracy Brisson who wrote them an amazing ceremony with Harry Potter quotes!!

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