Monthly Archives: May 2016

Josh & Rob | Savannah Wedding Photography

Rob & Josh were married in Forsyth park on a busy Saturday right in front of the fountain! They had a beautiful elopement in Forsyth with many onlookers. They both brought a few close friends to witness their vows, but that was it. I loved doing Savannah wedding photography for these two love birds, their…
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Kirsten & Hays | Savannah Wedding Photography

Kirsten and Hays ran away to Savannah to be married. They learned, like most couples do, that it's a difficult secret to keep. Only their parents knew of the arrangements, and Kirsten's parents insisted they wouldn't miss this important event. Their Savannah wedding photography took place right at the golden hour, a Tuesday elopement that…
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Jessica & Brian’s Steampunk Elopement | Savannah Wedding Photography

That's right. You read the title correctly. Jessica & Brian had a steampunk elopement. Themed elopements are always exciting, but these two lovebirds went all out for their creative, well styled steampunk wedding. It was such a joy provide them with Savannah Wedding Photography! These two eloped in Savannah on a quiet Monday. Their officiant…
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